Hotel Booking Progress Bar for MotoPress

MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin progress bar extension

This plugin will automatically add a three step progress bar to the MotoPress hotel booking process. It extends the functionality of the MotoPress Hotel Bookings plugin.

The progress bar consists of three steps showing the users where they are in the booking process. The progress bar will be displayed above the MotoPress content on the following pages:

  1. Search Results
  2. Booking Details
  3. Booking Confirmation (and Reservation Submitted if bookings are not directly confirmed)

After installing the plugin, you can change the default text of each step and colors of the progress bar under the plugin settings (Settings > Booking Progress Bar). By changing the text of the last step you can also use this plugin with bookings that require user or admin booking confirmation.

Want to see the plugin in action? Check it out on a demo site:

See demo site